Life Letters
Dear Boyfriend

My love, you mean the world to me. You make so happy and content. I am so proud of you and the man that you are. You are good. I hope that we do manage to stay together forever because that would me (and hopefully you) the happiest person on the planet. I love you.

 I am so sorry that I have hurt you in the past. If I had known that we would love each this much I couldn’t have done what I did. You played no part in my actions, you only felt the repercussions and for that I am truly sorry. I hope that one day you will forgive me and that I will forgive myself. I am so so sorry.

I want to tell you why I push you so hard. I do it because I know you can be a better man that you are. I know you can do greater things and I know you can go farther. I push you because I know that in the long run neither of us will be happy together or separately if you do not find your passion and make a life for yourself. I know it will be hard. Believe in your own strength and believe in the strength that God will give you if you ask. I know you can do it. I can’t help you with this in any other way than by supporting you and I am sorry for that. Just know that you need this and we need this. I push you because I love you and I want whats best for you. I know that I can be harsh but, it is out of love. I hope you understand that. Please understand that.

You make me so happy. I think you are wonderful and I am so proud of how far you have become. You are a kind and fantastic person. I am so glad that I met you and that you are in my life. I cannot imagine what it would be like if you weren’t in my life. Please stay here with me. I am so scared of losing you. Right now, I don’t know what I would do. Please keep your promises. I need them as much as I need you.

I will love you always

Author Unknown